Soalan Interview Untuk Jawatan Customer Service

on Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sekarang ni banyak vacancy position untuk customer service. Melalui pengalaman aku yang pernah kerja sebagai customer service dan sering pergi ke interview untuk jawatan ni,ni adalah soalan-soalan famous time interview.Moga ianya boleh menjadi rujukan kepada sesiapa yang nak pergi ke interview untuk jawatan customer service.

1) Tell me about yourself
My name is…..I am…..years old. I live at…..I am a diploma/degree holder of (bidang pengajian) at nama University/Kolej.My first working experience is as….(cerita dari awal pengalaman kerja hinggalah sekarang)

2) Why are you looking for other job/ why did you leave you last job?
My last job was good but I want to advance my career and getting the challenging job.

3) Tell me what do you know about this company.
Cari maklumat sedikit tentang company.Company ni run buss apa/bila company ditubuhkan,berapa cawangan,pernah tak listed di BSKL.  

4) What is a good customer service?
Good customer service is treating customers with a friendly,and helpful attitude.

5) What do you know about customer service/what is customer service?
Servicing customers, means helping customers efficiently, in a friendly manner.

6) How you handle a dissatisfied or angry customer?
 - I actively listen to the customer’s complaints, asking questions to make sure that I understand 
   what they are unhappy about.
 - I patiently work with them to find a solution.

7) How do you handle pressure and stress?
I do not respond to stress but to the situation. I analyze the situation and take action that will avoid negative stress.

8) What is your greatest strength?
My ability to get along with people has always been a great strength. It is something that I am proud of personally and professionally.

9) What is your weakness?
- I have to work on having more patience and giving myself a break, because I always want  
  everything done at once.

10) You dont have experience in customer service, so why we should hire you?
I do not have much experience with customer service, but I would like to gain experience in this area. I get along well with people,I am able to listen and am a good communicator so I feel that I would get on well in a customer based environment.

11) Where do you see yourself in 3@5 years from now?
I would like to have a good job in this field that makes me happy

12) Do you think that customer is always right?
Honestly,as an individual i dont think so,but in customer service field,i need to agree with this concept because in any business,customer is the most important to grow up the business and this concept will lead us to give a good serve to customer even in any situation and lastly customer will happily dealing with us.

13) Do you have any questions for me?
Yes,What do you yourself like most about working for 'company name (eg:Telekom Berhad)'?
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